Sunday, October 15, 2006

Residents urged to leave homes over asbestos risk

I have just read this article... In one hand, you can consider that it is a good thing that those people have to leave this houses full of asbestos... Actually asbestos can lead to disease asmesothelioma (mesothelioma is a rare cancer, usually found in those exposed to asbetos ). In the other hand, at the end of the article, it is claim that it is only a way to get rid of these houses to build something new... One more time this is a bit spooky... Do our leader only think to money and not to our welfare. But I am for The Imperative of Responsibility (Hans Jonas), if people can die of mesothelioma, they should move to another house. So I agree with the decision. Nevertheless if some clues show that it was only to feed the greed of some politics... Thesemen deserve a good trial.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Wealth of the World, Poverty of Nations

I have just finished this book again, I say "again" because I have already read it 3 times, over 3 years? It is a small pocket book but all the essential ideas to understand the phenomenon of globalization are there.

it is read almost like a novel. The author Daniel Cohen makes us cross all the currents of thought of economic sciences, from Smith to Ricardo, and Keynes, all the authors of economic sciences are present. This book is full of references? You will find the theory of the O-Ring ring there, the theory of the four quarters of Reich, the reflexions on the marriage of today in this new dynamics. I advise it to you sincerely. You will understand finally the mechanisms of the globalization and why one should not believe the politicians who exploit the fear of the people to try to gain votes. Globalization is a fact and all the nations can benefit from it: if a redistribution of the profits is correctly made inside the country? All this depends on the strength and the integrity of our policies.